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Religion And Sex

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Religion and Sex
Throughout history, religion has influenced peoples’ way of thinking and mode of acting concerning their own sexuality, mainly the Roman Catholic Church, whose sex to sin relation turns out burdensome for many Christians, as under the guise of guilt. The problem is that innumerous times the Roman church’s encyclicals towards this subject and people’s act tend to go separate ways. Here’s a brief narrative of the Catholic Church – sex, relation.

From pre-historical ages to the decline of the Roman Empire, sex was guilt-free, even considered divine. But the rise of Christianity (385 A.D to 1000 A.D) came in to regard sex as an unexcused sin, o­nly purposefully acceptable for procreation : lust was then, a capital sin.

To the Catholic Church accordingly, it all began in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by falling in temptation for the forbidden fruit of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil: the original sin, a stain of which all living men are born. From then o­n, sex has been attached by Christianity to the notion of sin since the early days of men. And in order to reinforce this idea, there is also the way Mary got pregnant without loosing her maidenhead.

Paul the disciple, regarded any sexual intercourse outside marriage as sinful; in the fourth century, priests were given the power to absolve people’s sins, thus reinforcing the Church’s control over sexual behavior; St. Thomas Aquinas, in his Summa Theologica, considered masturbation even worse than fornication, since it’s not reproductive (Oman’s wasted seed, Genesis 38).

St. August gave a significant contribution to the notion of associating sex to sin. Unless procreation purposely, sex was forbidden even in marital relation, accordingly to his words. At which time, the Roman Church played the role of the State (due to the decline of the Roman Empire) and what was said by the clergy, thus, was taken by law. As sex was sinful, everytime Christians felt bad about having had sex, they appealed to the Church, which profited from it in form of donations for absolution.

Never in the bible will o­ne come across a single negative word about sex from Jesus Christ. Wasn’t it for his followers (what a paradox), who stated that this natural process should be treated as something evil. That’s why many historians attribute the association sex-sin made by the Catholic Church less to a misinterpretation of the holly scriptures than to deliberately misconceived ideas from early Christian theologizes.

Sex outside marriage is a major Catholic taboo. But was it not until the Council of Trent in 1565, which demanded a ceremony to make sex between a couple acceptable. Nonetheless, according to Bishop Spong, who wrote a book called Living in Sin?, “marriage does not make sex Holy, the quality of the relationship does”.

By the eighth century, merciful God gave place to an unmerciful Church, with severe and strict rules concerning sexual conduct, which demanded sufferance and sacrifice from its devotees in order to achieve Heaven.

In 1986, from the Vatican came to the bishops the letter called “The Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons”, imbuing suggestively that gays were to blame for the AIDS epidemic. In 1992, from the Vatican another letter compared homosexuality to mental illness as contagious disease.

John Paul II, praised the full sexual act with the purpose of procreation, in his encyclical The Gospel of Life. As homosexuality is not procreative, it is therefore condemned.

The actual catholic staunchly stance towards birth control, abortion and homosexuality comes o­nly to show how dogmatic can be an institution supposed to care for its followers and it’s, by far, allegedly devoted to charity.

After centuries of sexual repression the Church has destined to its sons, it is such a historical irony all the sex scandals involving priests in pedophilia the world over. Wouldn’t it be the result of extremely hard tightening o­n natural human desires, even for men devoted to God’s will?



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